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Appointments: (919) 535-3035

Direct: (240) 252-0479

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[email protected]


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Apocalypse Girl Tattoos | 124 SW Maynard Road Suite C | Cary, NC 27511

Map It: Apocalypse Girl Tattoos

Robert Meyers is available at Apocalypse Girl Tattoos at 124 SW Maynard Road Suite C, Cary, NC 27511

For scheduling a consultation or appointment, or general tattoo and scheduling questions, contact me through (919) 535-3035. To text message, please use (240) 252-0479.

You can contact Robert at any of the info above. It is generally better to text than call, as Robert doesn’t answer calls while working and is also hearing impaired so rarely hears the phone ring when not working. It is best to call or text between 10 am and 10 pm. Feel free to email anytime. Emails are checked twice a day and responded to in order in which they are received. Follow up questions go to the bottom of the queue. So if you don’t receive a response immediately, PLEASE don’t keep resending the same message. Due to volume, occasionally emails are lost, or passed over. If its been more than a couple of days since you sent your email, please feel free to text.

Due to the frequency of “stolen Art” Robert charges a deposit of $100.00 for custom art. This will be applied toward the cost of the tattoo.

For guest Spots or Expo appearances, please say so in the title of the Email.