Tattoo Aftercare

Welcome to your new tattoo, here are some basic instructions to getting it healed properly.

  • 1) Take the hottest shower you can get away with when you get home. Wait 5 minutes, then put a high quality lotion on it. Rub it in till it feels dry.
  • 2) 3-5 times a day WASH THE TATTOO AND YOUR HANDS. That way you know the tattoo and your hands are both clean. Then put lotion on it.
  • 3) Stay away from the gym, operating rooms, and communal bodies of fresh water for at least a week.
  • 4) Keep it elevated when you can.
  • 5) Take ibuprofen for any swelling.
  • 6) Don’t scratch it, don’t pick at it.

Not all people are the same, and not all skin is the same, if you are having complications or problems, text me 240-252-0479.