Reviews & Testimonials

  • Robert is professional and did an amazing job. I get nothing but compliments on his work. He also tattooed my husband and his son. I recommend him to anyone looking for a great tattoo experience. His professional suggestions about placement and design were educational. He was able to turn words into art. The conversation was enthralling.

    Natalie Muller

  • Rob did my tattoo for my birthday and i was nervous as could be but he was great. Id recommend him to anyone for anything!!!

    Katie Paige Holcomb

  • Rob has done 2 amazing pieces on me, and I can’t wait for my next one, five, or whatever. He’s an incredible artist, and a great guy! Highly recommend!!

    Edison Cowing

  • This is a great group of guys!!! I highly recommend them def Robert. I have never be happier with mine. Will be goin back to get my next one by Robert

    Maggie Railey

  • Robert Myers has done several of my tattoos, starting with my first legal tattoo at 18 and have been bac to him and only him since! Great freehand work at amazing prices!

    Nic Bird

  • Robert Meyers is extremely talented ! all of the work I have seen him do is amazing.

    Shannon Parker

  • Just finished a session with Mr.Robert, great guy and even better artist. Shop is dope, with a great vibe! Check them out for piercings and tattoos RALEIGH!

    Christian Gray

  • Robert just did a fantastic piece on my leg !! He is my main go to guy and until his shop opens I won’t be getting any more ink

    Danielle Nicole Mazzaglia

  • Robert is our tattoo artist. Skilled, kind, knowledgable- he is the only person we go to! I will be 1st in line at Black Lotus!

    Marcella Rossi

  • Robert Meyers is an amazing artist, I would invite all to come check out his brand new shop opening very soon!

    Andrew Chan