Quarantine Day 1

Slept in till 0800 today. Cared for daughter whom is fine whilst my feverish and sickly wife remained contained to the bedroom. Based on the crowd last night (Alena) I expanded the dinner menu to include cherry turnovers, cookies, and almond joys. Brought wife originally planned menu of pork loin and peas into bedroom followed by tea later.

Stayed up till about 0200 watching shit on Netflix. Slept in bed with fever wife; the coronavirus seems to have made her quieter and more amicable. I slept really well.

Feeling great. Still not feverish or symptomatic. I love this time in the morning before my family gets up and it’s just the fog and me. Really only time I ever have to myself anymore. I love the morning anyways.

I might try to get in the hot tub today.