Quarantine Day 10

 I woke up in amazingly good spirits today! PMA! Yes,  a terrible Pox has been cast upon all of humanity and there are any number of bad bad things that will come from this, but all in all, Im feeling pretty good today and Im in a really good mood.
 I was supposed to get tattooed today. Well,  obviously that’s not happening. But all good! as both Todd and I are as yet untouched (physically) by this virus, there will hopefully be other times. More thankful that we are both healthy enough to be bitching about being closed and bored.
 Ember and I have kind of a bet going on the Mortality rate, so Im really excited to check the CDC Site at 4pm.
 made hot dogs and watched murder shows last night with the wife and child.
 We are still further from the breadline than most people but I think the reality of this is starting to hit my wife. or she’s just tired of seeing this strange creepy  man sitting around her house at all hours. “so how long are you closed?” “when do you go back to work?”. Get over it lady. yore stuck with me for awhile.
 This down time feeds my wanderlust. aI stay super busy to quell that constant call of the horizon. Now, left to my own devices, Im like “ROAD TRIP!!” I finally have the time off. Is that shit even allowed? I mean, I can travel, yeah? Like go to Gettysburg and try to commune with the Ghosts of the confederacy or something. Ghost tours. that should be cool. While Death is easily the most common health problem, affecting well over 99% of humanity, Im pretty sure it is still not contagious. Have to figure to how to shore up the house and all that but fuck. Static perimeter. area denial. I got this.
 Are we going to get pulled over every 5 minutes in every jurisdiction like im death himself, my tahoe a pale horse, and in my wake death shall follow? State troopers will be all”Turn back, Weary Traveller!! You bring with you a great curse!! Go back to the lands form which you came and release not darkness upon this fertile land of my people!!”
 OK… planning tattoos… I suppose I can finally get caught up on all those drawing. also aI should work on some mathematical models, research others. While, yeah, plagues are rally bad and all that, Real Estate is dropping like STONE, and so are stocks. No Matter what some people are going o come out of this really wealthy, aside from the usual oligarchs and their cronies. Might as well do some research to see how  I can use this opportunity to better myself and my family.
 I might take some bullshit job. just invest the money somewhere… Idk. real estate is dropping so Fast in Italy Spain and Chicago this is getting really tempting.
Ok. thats it for now.