Quarantine Day 12

Skipped a day. spending less time online and more just hanging out with my beautiful wife.
 OK.  The bad
1) my neighborhood is shit for social distancing. either they will all die form this coronavirus, or they will prove unequivocally that affluent white and asians receive better medical care and all survive. either way they suck at this and are pretty zero fucks
2) grocery stores are clearly gouging. What in the holy fuck? A a time when America is Most in need they are depriving many of the basics they need to survive, to feed their children, and to live a fundamentally decent life whilst on lockdown. for benefit of profits? this is disgusting. anyone doing this should be lined up against a wall and shot. people are clearly doing it with Ammo too, but history shows us that in worst case scenario situations  you only really need enough ammo to get yourself some more or make it so you can’t use the rest fo what you have. While annoying that they do this, ammo is used nowhere near as frequently as food to keep us alive. at least not yet.
 3) There are so many places open. I mean a ton. and people packed literally nuts to butts in them. so us tattooing exactly one person at a time, door locked, with full PPE, is worse than the goddamned gropefest going on at walmart, target, and a bunch of other smaller businesses? Thats a rhetorical questions so pipe the fuck down to there.
4) just heard some shit about a curfew that sounds absolutely pointless if true.
OK. the good.
1) went to range yesterday. Yes that’s still essential. more so than party supply rental place I saw open on the way up there.
Had an awesome time. rationed ammo. still had fun with different drills
2) hanging out with wife. Reconnecting? yeah, we’re shut down and that’s really bad and i get that and martial law and economic collapse and fire and flood and brimstone all on pale 5g horse and all that’s bad, but excuse me while I enjoy this time with the the fam.
3) dog is getting healthier than she’s been in years.
4) it looks more and more like people are shutting the fuck up and getting on with their lives best they can. and as polarized and divided as our population was, The absolute shitty was all of this has been dealt with has united Many many people, right and left and center, that our government is absolute shit and we probably don’t need them.
Myself in that number.
Ok. that’s it.