Quarantine Day 14

 Well. got to do some really fun artwork yesterday for a client. No, not a tattoo, so chill the fuck out and No, I can’t  share artwork they paid for on a public forum. But rewarding, nonetheless.
 I think marriage is really at a high point and that’s good.
We are settling into a pretty good routine here at the house, looks like wife might have found a job, Lowes foods has absolutely no interest in hiring me, but I am taking on artwork commissions that normally I would never even have considered. In times of trouble, strife and need I think its important that we as artists are able to put aside our own beliefs and predilections to be better serve those around us, even if this means being a total consumer whore and helping to propagate a system you totally abhor and dont believe in. Even in the worst of times, hard work mixed with talent, motivations, and a good bit of moral flexibility can really influence the outcome of Who suffer and who emerges stronger and more successful. .
 Im thinking of sculpting again.. there’s simply not a lot of people doing subtractive work anymore, and honestly, most of those were in Italy and France, and well, Lets be honest, its looking like that number has a good chance of seriously dropping off. Also, with the current death rate there’s going to be a huge demand for tomb stones, carved caskets, memorial statues for ever sainted first responder who selflessly gave their lives for others during this time, bakers who kept baking to feed a village, etc… I’ll see if jimmy will maybe let is turn the downstairs into a kida art space…
IM feeling so inspired again. I mean, I love my job, but for the first time in years the beast inside me is rising, art I WANT TO DO. Really feeling it.
A large part of that is the downtime I think. Time to decompress, without being buried under an ever-growing mountain of artwork and edits…..a pause button. Second, this group I’m on… Before that there was this clique of artists around the world I know were pretty cool I wold talk to, work with. But this online group has really opened me up socially to my my own industry and inspired me.
A large shout out to David Gluck and his badass art ninja wife. watching and corresponding with them has inspired me to really paint in a way I haven’t felt in years. I thin I’ve let all my oils turn to dried up shit, but Im sure there’s a way to source more. in the mean time I have have some acrylics, that, though pedestrian af, I have some ideas for. Also watercolors.
 Feeling good, the death rate is rising but thanking my unpredictable catholic god fo my enduring health and prosperity.
Unless we see some serious reversals here I think as tattoo artists it will be  june before we are let off the leash.
 God Bless every one of you out there, and be safe.