Quarantine Day 2

slept in again til about 8. wife is doing better, looks like her fever has broken. she ate dinner I made last night  (chuck roast slow cooked with onions and potatoes.) and then ate enough cookies to make herself sick. obviously feeling better. ill stop shoving pedialyte down her throat. for now.
 I feel fine. honestly. no fever, slight cough, but i do this every pollen season, and everything we have is covered in that fine yellow dust. If I do have the crud, or did, just test me, so I know I have beaten in and go volunteer to hep others…. oh. wait. that right. no tests available.
 Im angry. Im angry because the gravity of the situation doesn’t warrant the response. yes, people are dying. many more people die every day from car wrecks…. do we stop traffic  everywhere in a big moratorium on driving til they stop doing this? smoking, heart disease… etc..
Are we going to give or government willy nilly Control over our entire lives to protect us from something that is killing how many ? Oh. that’s right. less than 1%. much much  less.. even Italy, with a population of 60 mllion that god is still punishing, is looking at some. 6000 Covid 19 deaths. Out of 60,000,000  really. one tenth of one tenth of a percent. literally 1 in ten thousand people.  in the hardest hit country on earth. Ill take those odds. fuck, I take worse odds that that leaving the house or crossing the street every day. it is good, though, after 2000 years of spiraling into relative mediocrity and obscurity to see Italy finally leading the world in something.
   So, the response? not expanded testing. not stop people from congregating. not first injecting money into the economy and then staggered closings of businesses based on population density, geography, and risk factors. NO. No one in one out rule in business that can still keep it going. No degrees of separation that limit exposure but still keep the economy going,
1 in 10,000.
 We will close all small businesses.
 We will do it for you.
 We the state knows what’s best.
 You have it. no, you can’t get tested. but trust us.
1 in 10,00
how about after your cleared and cured you can go back to work? that would make sense. you’re immune then right?
 Oh, but wait. no testing available. right.
 But while we are at it, maybe you should stay at home til the Heroine epidemic is over. and everything and anything else more likely to kill you than this. but don’t worry, the motherland has your best interests at heart.
1 in 10,000
So people out of work. and what do people out of work ? they congregate. that what they do. people, with the odd exception of myself and a few other stray bouncy beans are social creatures.  so they congregate around the fire. comfort in numbers. sharpen sticks and build treehouses and overpower the wild beasts. its what we do. People are still congregating. Only more so because they have shit else to do. and no money to do it with. you want to see huge birthrates? look at any public housing. no money, and nothing to do…
 SO,  here’s my concern…  we are all making ourselves 100%. dependent on a government that is by any standard corrupt and and does not have the interest of the American people at heart. the problem isn’t solved. people are still congregating. their just not getting paid to do it now.   Will those in power stay in power?  yes.  will they give you money? maybe. but keep in mind, you ask someone to buy the pizza, they choose the toppings.
 the Press? since 2016 the only thing the press has proven conclusively on either side is that they are a tool of the politicians. “those numbers willl go up!”really? or they could go down. maintain that figure. presenting probability as actuality is called bullshit.
“24% annual drop in GDP!!” well, if you shut everything down and the initial numbers are going to look pretty bad. lets just multiply those numbers out for a year and tell people this is worse than the depression. that’ll stop the from panicking and hoarding. Because presenting remote possibility your own action  as inevitable  actuality is also called bullshit.
  Rise up people.
 Not all oppression is at the end of a gun. Fear has many faces but its up to you to bravely stare into that face, or to shit down ad turn away.  will you rule your fear, or will you let it rule you?
be then one who stands and sees and overcomes or simply wait to be to  the 1 in 10,000.
 Which one are you?