Quarantine Day 4

No hikes or runs yesterday, I got out of the house a bit and helped a friend with a firearms related issue, then went and saw another friend who moved to middle of nowhere Garner and helped him with some coffee table stuff. wife went to work for last time yesterday evening, , I stayed home and watched tv, dod housework.
as it looks like Wake countyis slated to close today, I might try to go hit the range one last time before we go completely blackout curtains and bomb shelter protocols.
 I went ahead and read the highlights of the stimulus package and I can’t help but feel that this is more government solutions to problems they maybe didn’t create, but definitely exacerbated. its like the dodgy mechanic who leaves your oil plug out then offers to give you a shitty loaner while he replaces your engine.
 Like all things that require responsibility, it has to be balanced by accountability; an equal opportunity for reward, or punishment, based on job performance and ability to do that job.  As it stands we have a system with no accountability where politicians, large and small, can willy nilly do what they want without fear of reprisals. What our sheriff did was clearly illegal. the honorable governors of Virginia, California, New York and New Jersey regularly treat the states they are sworn to serve as their personal fiefdoms. and on up the ladder. with no responsibility. oh, there is a carrot, bu there is no stick. Essentially they can do whatever they want without fear of consequences Nothing will happen to our Sheriff for his many egregious acts of dereliction of duty and his outright disregard for the laws he’s sworn to uphold.
 Sure, they can get voted out of office. but being a very being a very wealthy geriatric, do they even care? can they not go to work for some PAC or lobbying group, of proxy foreign interest and still wield unchecked powers? Influence given by office does not always go away with the duties and title of office.
 So now we have an aging, and vey very wealthy ruling class, name of whom have been in power fo so long, that they are so removed from the actuality of american thought and life that they exist and believe and fight for only the ideology of their party, their interests.  I think their is some level of greed and malice to this, some level of complacency and disregard. But honestly I believe that fo the most part that in their small brutal and never-ending game of slogans and causes and special interests and flag waving, they have developed blinders. one side might fight fervently for the rights of the downtrodden, your weak, your starving, oh, your huddled masses. your immigrants who built this fine land.  because we are americans. an we liberate the oppressed. and we lead the way. all the way. always ready ad always faithful  . And the other side, they will fight tooth and nail o protect those who have worked sweated sacrificed to accrue and build industry and tech and fields and fields of golden grain that would feed a nation. because, well, the nation needs to work. and the nation needs to be fed. and hard work should be rewarded. because we are Americans. and this is the land of the free, and home of the brave. and we aim high. Not self, but country.
  And neither of these two sides are wrong. But the between these two stereotypes, these epitomizing images, the lower 10% who need to be nurtured and fed and made strong, and the upper 10% whom employ so many and honestly do pay 90%, between these two strata lie the majority of us. the 80%
whom are happy, doing ok, but are not rich. who need not handouts , but can not  be expected to bear such weight as to be hobbled. the 80% who really don’t care if you get an abortion as long as they don’t have to pay for it, who don’t care if you have a gun as long as you don’t point it at them.
 somewhere in the din of shouts for justices of these two images of minority interests, are lost the interests and welfare of the majority.
 A reboot.
 We need a reboot and major reforms.
 We, as Americans, don’t agree on anything.  we probably don’t agree on the color of an orange.
 But I do not know a single american, form the downtrodden to the extremely privileged to the 80% in between, who do not think our government is corrupt, or that is efficiently and effectively doing its Job. not a single one.
When the most combative martial and divided people all agree on something, it might be time for those that allegedly represent them to listen. while we still care enough to want be be heard.