Quarantine Day 5

After a few days off, I miss tattooing. there is  reasonable chance that my wife and neighbors might leave this ready to join a sideshow or circus, as I feel the need to put needle to skin again..
 Went for run yesterday with dog. she acted like total asshole the whole time. it doesn’t help that my walking around my neighborhood looks like i’m at lalapalooza (if lalapalooza took place on the Masters golf course) or something with all the people milling around. People with their dogs. People with their kids. People walking four abreast on the trails and sidewalks. So much for social distancing. if anything this lock down has caused my niehgborhood to socialize like never before. There was a virus, and all the Who’s in Whoville came out to see.
  I hit the range yesterday, figured it would be the last time I was able to before the Shut down. I love my range family. a range family is like a Grappling family. you see, on the range, there’s no sound. the air is thick with smoke. and honestly? cop or criminal, military, civilian, contractor or simply the badass janitor no one otherwise notices, all are equal before the ballistic gods. and No one cares what you do, from whence you came, or even where the fuck you intend on going with it, as long as you can shoot. and shoot safely.
 Very Very much like any grappling dojo. respect is a matter of what you do, not what you own, what you wear, or where you’re from.
 Im going to miss my Eagle 1 family, and family they are.
 On the way home from the range, driving through my neighborhood, There were yet even more people out It looked like a concert let out. I had an awesome time hanging out last night with the wife. we ate some doctored up hamburger helper, with ground turkey and the welcome addition of canned carrots and tomatoes.
  I miss my 401 family too. I know that we will be back, ad we are super fortunate to be successful enough so as not to as impacted as others in our industry and all that. But still. where the shop was, where it was going. it had his amazing energy and vibe. Jimmy had just decided to move forward with the Tattoo Fest… we were also planning an expansion, had some exciting young ax muderer artists in the pipeline, both finally sailing smoothly and past their growing pains. One coworker was planning on opening his own place in Maggie Valley next year. Good stuff. fun stuff. banter. everyone doing what they were suppose to. everyone excited to be there. a well run machine.
Corona virus? things are getting a little soaring as more and more people are popping up on the various tattoo/art/gun/drinking bro’s pages with real life stories  friends and families or themselves fighting the virus.
 Shit is getting real people.
 Ok, Based on initial numbers and what little historical data we have, Im thinking we are looking at 30,000-50,000 dead nationwide. Mostly in the next 6 weeks. Maybe more because of outliers and the inability of the big population cesspools to shut the fuck down, no one in, no one out, without testing.
 Also, keep in and a lot of these places were big sanctuaries, havens for the homeless and undocumented.  Great for pushing up voter rolls, horrible for containing a pandemic.
Fuck. LA just had a fucking typhoid epidemic. typhoid.
with all the homeless literals defecting in the streets of San Francisco  the only thing that kept them from the same fate was basic topography.
 Scary times out there people. Keep your hopes up and your heads down, and know that I love you. each and every one of you beautiful suffering bastards.