Quarantine Day 6

 The girl child had been sick for two days, but her fever finally broke and she is back to her energetic self.
 My wife and I took advantage of her sedated state last night and enjoyed just some us time in the hot tub and watching a few shows. If any good has come from this it is the time we have to reconnect. you don’t realize how far you drift apart in the demands of every day life until you take some time together and find yourself more catching up with an old friend than talking to your life partner. So much about just society now leaves a marriage like ships that rendezvous to load and unload cargo, but rarely sail the seas together in formation. except for the occasional weather report or mayday call, they don’t realize how far they’ve drifted off course until they hit the rocks. This has served to tighten up our little fleet.
 Watched tv yesterday, returned some emails, etc etc.
 the dog was such a dick the day before i didn’t go anywhere.
  My neighbors. My neighborhood
Obviously they don’t get the thing not congregating. or not. this means don’t throw a fucking party at your house. this means don’t all go to the lake and have a motherfucking picnic. or stand in huge groups talking in the park. ro god forbid blocking the trails.
 Took dog on 45 minute run today to wear her ass out.seems to have worked. seeing a lot of dodgy cars, and quite a few dodgy people from not here. when I talk to them, they let me know they are form hillsborough or sanford or warrenton or creedmoor and are here to look at houses. to buy. motherfucking mid 20’s junky looking dude driving the 90’s honda with the mismatched doors and miss trailer queen 2006 babymama are not looking to buy houses here.  I told them this was a bad idea and they should leave and they did.
 On the way home trail  passes by my neighbors house, and spoke to him briefly. He was on his back porch, maybe 10 yards away. he had an incident last night where there was a strange car in the cul de sac. that fucked off pretty quick when he approached.  My wife is a hell of  a lot more street smart than myself and when she thinks somethings dodgy, there’s probably something dodgy.
 I get it. man, I get it. total unexpected shutdown. no relief,and there is that tier of society that lives not week to week, but indeed day to day. they need to feed their kids, or feed a habit. God willing, they cross not my threshold. I pray for this.
Hopefully with that new bill they will be the first to know some relief.
 Gonna start on some new art. have to find a routine here. I a creature of routine.
 Upside, it looks like chicago real estate is dropping like a stone, so maybe our dream of a small lakeshores apt there might be a reality one day.
 also, when the dust settles we are gong to be seriously looking at something in either france, spain or italy. not to be morbid, but there should be some good deals to be had.