Quarantine Day 7

The more we do this this more I feel fortunate for the friends and family that I have.   Its when the chips are down, that the great and powerful wizard stops making sense, that we see in all his finery he is but a voice, we also see  the neighbors, the family, the friends, and everyone around us for the awesome human beings that they are. I am often fond of saying that, in my experience, you take away the rules of society, and society will always reinvent itself. and people are awesome.
 Never have i seen this so true, as in this nation right now. aside from the initial panic, the half crazed gluttony with all the fear of civil unrest, or a leftist purge, or a tacit chinese invasion or being cast into immediate and irreversible poverty that caused people to hoard, to disregard others, and to look only to themselves and those immediately around them- aside from this a greater, and more beautiful truth has come to light.
 People though distanced by the necessity of stopping a virus, and pulled apart by quarantine and various thinly veiled government threats of of sovereign wrath on peaceful gatherings., have grown close together by being pulled apart . those with, are helping those without.
 People are finding ways to reach out to loved ones, and those that can are giving more to those few that have to give all right now.
 The police are still working. yet I am sure, whether from royal edict or from common sense on the line, they are lenient. they are not locking people up for bullshit. because they can’t fill jails right now. because they don’t want the fucking corona virus themselves. Im not the only person who sees this.  Are there bodies stacked and burning by the side of the road as America in their love of Speed has turned our highways into a Nascar circuit? No. oh, there are some impromptu races here and there, but nothing unsafe.
Are people enacting holy vengeance on all who have crossed them and taking this opportunity to personally beat the shit out of everyone who ever offended them online? Are they raping and pillaging and burning and stealing and ravaging the land like mongol hoarded??No, quite the opposite. They’re hitting  people up and asking if they’re ok. buying groceries for not only themselves but others. sharing during shortage, recommending things to watch. lending dvd’s. neighbors looking out for neighbors. the young helping the old, the strong protecting the weak.
   The big questions, is how o we come back from this? after the dust settles, the sick are well and the dead are buried,  will a people, personally empowered with the strength of cohesiveness unity, and goodwill, will these same people go back to giving a fuck about the kardashians? will these people left with very little and realizing they in fact have more than enough, still have any desire to chase that proverbial pot of gold, realizing they already have it?
 Left bereft of paying every night to hang out in the cool clubs with the cool people, to see, and hopefully be seen, and seen by no one grow perfectly content, will they then again feel the need to pay to exist the false spotlight of the imaginary stage?
 I think not. I think galvanized and made cohesive we, as a people will never go back, but will embrace the inner strength we found through this crisis and grow not only as the people we are, but the community we have become.
 We went to the grocery store yesterday. two actually. I didn’t see a rule dictating exactly how many grocery stores you could visit, or exactly how often, so Ive taken to shopping like I did whilst living on a very small 25 mile long island in the mediterranean. go to one place for this, as they have it better, another place for that…
 Lowes foods ls always very friendly and there are some things there that my wife likes in particular. It seems many Cary housewives do as the place was relatively picked over. I applied for a job whilst there. while we are still doing ok and better than many, it was more for the idea of having something to do a few times a week. go stock shelves. Something Ive never done, but Im always willing to learn.
Also having a badge from an “essential” business  (working papers!!) is the equivalent to a hall pass right about now.  We also went to Harris Teeter.
 I prefer their meats, they carry the coffee we drink, and they have paper products(limit 3).
 On the way to lowes foods got to race Woolla with a c43 having our neighborhood. . they started with a good lead and tbh maintained it. I think given more time and more curves I would have had them on skill, but on dead ass straight and flat Kildaire Farm Road, with a slight incline, the massive torque of the mercedes won the day. everyone slowed down safely and waved when we hit traffic. See how that works?
 Got home played Jenga (i lost. twice. hubris) and grilled  some ribs with camel sauce for dinner along with some shells and cheese and some vegetable or another. the ribs were a standout!! afterward we played trivial pursuit (wife won. she’s clever) and watched the newest Godzilla, Which the girl Loved.
 Good day