Quarantine Day 8

Good run yesterday. got to work on some artwork while wife and daughter did things outside, planted flowers, played with hose, etc….Im loving this beautiful weather. wife made spaghetti last night, and it was awesome. sausage and cheese eggs for breakfast this morning. Lazy day as this is normally one of my days off. got up late, read, chilled. went for awesome run while wife took daughter to dr. for annual checkup,
 More and more Im seeing posts of common sense and conventional wisdom replacing those of doom and panic. People shedding the thin cocoon of fear and uncertainty ad reemerging strong and hopeful, resourceful and respectful of the abundance around them, and hopeful for a quick recovery.
 I don’t think i have to reiterate that this has been compounded not by the actual virulence of the virus itself, but in a government praying on the fears of the people its there to serve, and serving its own special interests instead, and worse, a media somehow beholden to propping up political ideology. Hopefully we can learn form this and become cohesive and unified as a nation, or learn to accept our social, economic, and political differences, and pave the way to becoming strong as several nations.
 As much as every one is maligning this time, I have to say that I am truly truly enjoying the downtime. Yes, I love my job. I do. but I also love my home and family. my friends. the things I love to do but never get to. taking advantage of this time to regroup, to grow and improve myself, physically, psychologically, and emotionally. the constant grind, the push of always having something to do, the protector and provider role eclipsing every facet of my personality that grows stagnant and atrophies under the weight of the ambition and desire.
 I haven’t known it this good since I lived in Spain, honestly.
can I shop and and spend as usual, with the knwoledge that the money will be there, all is good and will continue to be? Hell no. But honestly, how much of that was hope? Need to placate a tired mind and body with the material validations that it is all worth it? glittery and shiny baubles that assured me that, fuck, it was all worth it.
 I don’t know how this will all end. I know for some of us, it will end with this. that being said, enjoy this moment, because either way, whether back to the grind or spiraling into developing nation status as our infrastructure continues to be undermined by the greedy, the foolish, or the simply incompetent, I don’t think it will ever be this good again. embrace every moment before it dies its own instant and eternal death to make room for the next.